Hints of cinnamon, cardamom, coconut and dried apples, all glazed with a delicious almond butter and some organic rice syrup for the touch of sweetness. 

    Our spiced apple pie granola makes a perfect add on to your morning porridge, plant based yoghurt or can even be eaten as a nutritious snack on its own!


    Vegan - rich in fiber - no added gluten - made from organic ingredients - protein source - no white sugar - sweetened with brown rice syrup - 100% natural


    INGREDIENTS: *gf oat flakes, *rice syrup, *buckwheat, *sunflower seeds, *almond butter, *cashews, *coconut flakes, *coconut chips, *cinnamon, *apples (2.23%) (add percentage based on the recipe) *cardamom, salt. *eco certified ingredients.


    ALLERGENS: May contain traces of: nuts, peanuts, sesame, mustard, celery, gluten and soy.


    STORING INFORMATION: keep in a dry, dark and cool place. Best consumed within 1 year from the production date. 

    SIZE: 500g. Please note that our granola is hand made and can therefore vary slightly in color and size.

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