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Reinventing fika and food by serving

the highest quality plant-based experience.



We started Fern & Fika because we wanted to make a change. A change in how we consume, in how we treat our body, nature and animals. 


Fern represents the planet Earth and Nature. Through Fika our community meets and together we put the foundation for a better and greener future.


We worked hard to develop a pioneer concept that is taking the low environmental impact, your health and wellbeing of the planet as our core value. 

We believe that a positive change towards our wellbeing together with a greener planet starts with the food we choose to put in our bodies. As within so without. That is why it is so important to choose real nourishment without any compromises in the flavour nor the experience.

Help us make a change by choosing better! Simply put, we serve “better food for better people.”



To be as sustainable & kind as possible, we choose to serve only 100% plant - based, mainly organic food that is as local as possible. We also choose to provide compostable takeaway alternatives to plastic and strive to be close to zero waste. 


We are focusing on preparing our food from wholesome ingredients that are naturally rich in micronutrients, fibre and plant-protein. We choose also to work with anti-inflammatory food and therefore skip the wheat, gluten, white sugar and other similar processed sweeteners, additives, preservatives and flavour enhancers. We read the labels for you! When it gets to oils, we use organic coconut or olive oil for the food we prepare in the house.


Everything we produce is made in small batches from scratch by our loving hands, even the breads. 


If this is as much of a hell yeah for you as it is for us - come by for a Fika and help us spread the green revolution!


See you in our Café. 






Jonathan is co-founder of Unbakery, the largest raw food producer in the Nordics. With a background within Business Development for tech startups, Jonathan has used his experience to help bring better FIKA alternatives to people throughout Scandinavia. This continues with Fern & Fika creating well-made, wholesome and delicious foods and making them more accessible to those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Therese comes from the art background and has become the newest partner at Fern & Fika, working closely with Monika on the final concept. With her passion for health, coaching and detox through fasting she is not only helping create amazing nourishing recipes but also works closely on encouraging our staff to stand fully in their own power, creating a positive and respectful working environment that feels like a big family connected with common values.


Monika, a plant-based foodie & children’s book author comes from the preschool teaching background. Her passion for healthier food grew when she worked with kids and chose not to serve them white sugar and bunch of additives found in common supermarket foods. Combining the new found knowledge and long term experience in the café industry led to establishing her dream concept that is based on the values she lives in her private life.  




to FERN & FIKA! 

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