Reinventing fika and food by serving

the highest quality plant-based experience.

Our mission is to inspire people to eat wholesome & sustainable food which is kind to the body, animals and the planet.

By choosing to brunch with us, you are not only getting some chill time in our cosy environment but also giving your body essential nutrients from wholesome ingredients that are naturally free of gluten*, additives and white sugar. We are standing by the quality & transparency of the ingredients and preparation practices to truly offer you only the best. 

*traces of gluten might be present due to a possible cross-contamination of the raw ingredients we buy.  

Beside that we are also striving to be as sustainable and plastic free as possible by buying mainly organic & seasonal produce, by using compostable packaging for our takeaways and by being a low waste company. 

Like what you hear?

Visit us and see for yourself!





to FERN & FIKA! 

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