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For a potential buyer/investor


It is time for us to change chapters and it means an opportunity for you!


Over the past few years we have developed a strong brand within the plant-based food sector in Stockholm. We have done the hard work of developing a niched food concept for the health conscious consumer with love for our planet, the climate and the animals. While also growing a steady customer base as well as a big digital community. Now the opportunity to keep growing this brand is open for you who are ready to carry the torch forward. 



Our name Fern & Fika stems from the typical “Swedish Fika” as well as the Fern, which is a common plant in the Swedish forest. Ferns can be used to remediating contaminated soil. Studies shows that Ferns have the ability to remove chemical pollution from the atmosphere. Just like the Fern we are a part of the antidote in a contaminated and polluted world. We are the different choice from the mainstream norm as we all need to be the conscious consumer that this planet deserves. As this matter may be difficult and overwhelming to comprehend, we have made it simple by choosing to meet the demand of delicious and beautiful food. Instead of watching our Earth and our health decay in front of our eyes Fern & Fika brings a joyful solution that includes brunching with your friends!


Get to know our USP’s:

  • Fully plantbased, gluten-free food without white sugar. Very allergy & health friendly.

  • Tasty & healthy food served quick and easy. 

  • Environmental friendly with our children’s future in mind. Low waste, low carbon footprint through our food, packaging and concept. 

  • Colorful and beautiful plating that markets itself through our guest​'s social media. 

  • A wide customer range from the health conscious business man towards the yoga mom or the youth environmental activist. 

  • Concept fits big size cities and midsize cities. Can be turned into a franchise.

  • Easy catering with fresh cakes from the freezer (big stock, low waste) - suitable for corporate events as well as private parties, even last minute. 



Interested? Send us an email and we’ll give you more information.

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